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Brain Stroke Causes, Symptoms | Myths & Reality
Brain Stroke Causes, Symptoms | Myths & Reality

What About Stroke

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is blocked or interrupted by a burst blood vessel.

It is a medical emergency and first aid is essential in this disease as brain cells gradually start getting destroyed.
Prompt first aid can reduce brain damage and other complications.


Symptoms of Brain Stroke

 B- Loss of Balance
 E - Blurred vision 

 F - Face drops
 A Arm & legs weakness 
 S - Speech difficulty
 T - Time is critical 

Causes of Brain Stroke

- Stress 
- Diabetes
- Overweight
- Lack of exercise
- High blood pressure
- High blood cholesterol
- Smoking & Drinking


Myth and Reality about Brain Stroke

Que. Stroke is not preventable?
Ans. No, up to 80% is strokes are.

Que. Stroke can not be treated?
Ans. No, it requires emergency treatment!

Que. Does stroke only strike the elderly?
Ans. No, anyone can have a stroke!

Que. Does a stroke happen in the heart?
Ans. No, a Stroke is a "Brain attack"!

Que. Does stroke recovery end after 6 months?
Ans. No, Stroke recovery can last a lifetime!


- 1.5 million people suffer from strokes every year

- 3000-4000 Indians suffer from stroke every day

- On average every 40 sec. a stroke occurs in India.

- One in-sex person gets a stroke in his/her lifetime.

- 80% OF strokes are Ischemic.

- Only 15% of stroke patients reach in hospital within 3 hours.